Fiddle yard cassettes

The visible trackwork on Weybourne was completed months ago, but I’ve yet to start work on the single-road storage yard that will be hidden behind the industrial buildings on the left-hand side of the layout. If space in the house were not at a premium,… Read More »Fiddle yard cassettes

Joining the boards

Before track laying and wiring can begin, I need a simple, reliable and repeatable way of joining the two baseboards. The baseboard dowels I have already fitted take care of their alignment when butted up against one another, but I need a way to ensure… Read More »Joining the boards

Baseboard dowels

Before track laying (or even planning) can begin, I need to ensure that there is a way to accurately and reliably align the baseboards every time the layout is assembled. To do this, I will be using these baseboard alignment dowels from DCC Concepts. A… Read More »Baseboard dowels

Cork underlay and paint

Before track planning can begin in earnest, the baseboard needs to be covered in cork. This will help to isolate sound a little, which will be required since the track will be glued rather than pinned. Before starting, I removed each piece of the frame,… Read More »Cork underlay and paint

New year, new layout

Since moving to the UK for work last year, I have not been able to run my trains as often as I’d like, with the rooms in the new house not large enough to operate my current layout, Abbotsbury. This is a 1980s era station… Read More »New year, new layout